Veterinary Assistant Salary

Being a veterinary assistant is a good job to start with. The exposure to the health care for animals is limitless. If you are an animal lover, this job would deem fit you best. A veterinary assistant salary bracket would normally range from an average of 13-15 US dollars per hour rate in a good standing veterinary clinic.  Often, the range of salary was being gauged based on the staff’s personal experience of working on the same position as well as the knowledge of taking care of the pets.


Some veterinarians or veterinary clinics would not accept an assistant that has not been seen well qualified to do the job despite of having certificate to show. Certificate or proof of knowledge to do the job is one factor to land on a position like this. But seeing one doing the job in a knowledgeable manner would somehow suffice a few bosses to keep you as his veterinary assistant. This is because pets and other animals would respond well to a person with the inkling to take care of them. They feel safe.

Veterinary Assistant Salary

Veterinary Assistant Salary

  • Entry $17,000
  • Mid $27,000
  • Top $38,000

Assessing a veterinary assistant salary has three bands that are being followed as common base. The Low Pay band is the bottom 10% of workers and the High Pay band are the top 10% of workers doing this job. Average workers are those left in between the two bands. These are mostly measured on experience and efficiency of the worker on doing his job.

The common duties and responsibilities of a veterinary assistant is working under the supervision of a licensed veterinarian to assist in giving treatments to pets and animals, know the proper procedure of taking care of admitted pets, and assist in performing diagnostic procedure and tests to sick animals or those that were injured. Showing the know-how on doing such duties can help gauge the proper veterinary assistant salary to be given each staff.

Opportunities to land on a position like this have been growing the past years. According to study, this occupation is likely to keep growing each year. The pet population has been expanding in a rapid rate from year to year thus the more pets people acquire, the more clinics for pets are going to have to help take care of them together with their owners. Veterinary assistant position will also be in demand on the years to come.

Should you want a good opportunity to get good pays and care for the pets at the same time, this is a good choice for you. To mention too, a veterinary assistant salary is very promising as well.